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Are Smart Locks Waterproof? This is one of the most common questions, people are asking nowadays. Well, in this post we are talking about this point in details. So, check out everything here in details.

Imagine a situation where you get a smart door lock system and it is not functioning now after a splash of huge rain!

The worrisome situation, right?

No matter where you reside, you probably have to deal with some bad weather and there will be questions that will arise in your mind, are smart locks waterproof and even if they are then where to buy cheap smart locks online?

Deltahome is providing you with the best fingerprint door lock that not only resists harsh environments which makes smart locks safe and waterproof.

They offer significant benefits over traditional locks in withstanding harsh temperatures, rain and humidity, snow and ice, filth and dust, and extreme temperatures.

Let’s explore the waterproofing capabilities of smart locks with Deltahome.

Deltahome’s Waterproof Smart Locks

The quality and features of the smart lock you choose are crucial. You must be able to conveniently open and enter your door as well as safeguard your home against burglars.

A door lock that jams on humid days, a smart lock that stops working immediately after it starts to rain, or an electronic keypad that stops working when the power goes out are all worse than worthless. So, are smart locks waterproof?

Any smart lock you install will face unique climatic obstacles depending on where in the nation you are. Coastal communities may experience powerful storms that bring a lot of rain and excessive humidity. The northern region of the US endures many months of subzero temperatures, significant snowfall, and ice building. In several southern states, it frequently gets very hot and dry with desert winds.

Rainstorms pose a hazard to external home automation components that weren't built with water resistance, while lightning strikes, strong winds, and power line failure can all damage power lines. So, the main concern is -’are smart locks waterproof’ in such conditions, and withstand the forces of nature.

Deltahome’s Smart Door Lock is made to withstand the attacks of nature, with features including a backlit keypad, a motorized lock, a wireless setup, and a keyway-free design. Buying guide for smart door lock from Deltahome gives you a deeper understanding of your right purchase as it supplies cheap digital locks online with the best quality.

Where weather is no obstacle to securing your home

Deltahome’s Smart Home Door Lock removes the majority of significant access sites for precipitation, melting snow, and humidity with a keyless lock, battery-free keypad, and wireless setup. An added layer of defence against moisture, dust, and filth is provided by a rubber gasket.

Electronic devices can be damaged by extreme temperatures. However, the waterproof smart door lock works just well in temperatures between -22° F and 140° F. When you install this gadget, neither chilly winter winds nor scorching summer rays can prevent you from simply locking or opening your front door.

But, why to buy a smart lock? Since the Smart Door Lock is battery-operated, you will still be able to unlock your front door if severe weather outages your home's electricity. The gadget needs four AA alkaline batteries, which may be quickly replaced when the low battery signal turns on. Depending on how frequently the lock is used, batteries normally last for roughly a year.

Even after sunset or on the cloudiest day, you can easily unlock your door with the smart door lock, thanks to its lighted touchscreen keypad. You won't ever have to fiddle with a key when your fingers become chilly and damp since the keypad's numbers are made to last. The keys even resist fingerprints, making it difficult for cunning intruders to try and discern which numbers are input to gain access to your home. Apart from these, there are several benefits of a smart lock.

You can buy cheap digital door locks online only from our highly reviewed brand from Google i.e Deltahome at the cheapest price!

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So, to answer your concern ‘are smart locks waterproof’ - The answer is yes, but to some extent. Heavy rain won't cause the touchpad's automatic locking mechanism to fail, protecting the smart lock system. The lock will instantly lock itself if it detects a lot of rain.


  • What to do when your smart lock gets affected by rain?

The best course of action is to have a reliable locksmith examine the situation. If your existing locking mechanism wasn't properly put inside the doorframe, you might need to have a new one installed in specific circumstances.

  • Are smart locks convenient and safe?

The answer is that they are just as secure as conventional locks. Here is why- smart locks vs. traditional locks. Since the beginning of time, we have relied on conventional locks to safeguard our homes without questioning their effectiveness. But given how simple it is to lose or misplace a key and how easily most basic locks can be picked, this is a concern.

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