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Here we are talking about Fingerprint Door Lock vs Keypad Door Lock. Read this post to know more everything about which one you should buy.

Most people have had the sinking sense of hearing a door snap shut just as they realize their keys are on the other side at some point. If you have a typical door lock, regaining access may require you to hire a locksmith, hope you can discover the hide-a-key buried in your garden, or smash your own window.

Buying the best digital door locks online was once considered a luxury item, as they were costly and required professional installation and wiring. Smart Home Door Lock has followed as home technology has evolved and smart homes have become more widespread, with simple homeowner-installed alternatives and connectivity with smart devices.

There are several benefits of smart door locks as it allows you to enter the house with a keypad number, fingerprint, or a simple swipe on your phone in seconds.

What are Keypad Locks? Fingerprint Door Locks V/s Keypad Door Locks

  • Urging to buy keypad door locks online is the most common step towards revolutionising your home security. Users simply enter a predetermined access code into the keypad on the lock, and they are granted access to the room or building.

  • Best keypad door locks can be mechanical (no batteries or electricity needed) or electronic (some type of power sources, such as a 9-volt battery or the building's electrical system, is required to make the lock work). Mechanical locks are the way to go if you don't want to deal with batteries or wiring, but one significant disadvantage is that they only allow for one user code. 

  • This isn't a deal breaker if you're installing the lock in a low-traffic area, but if you're talking about a space that will be accessed by dozens of people on a regular basis, you'll probably need the ability to create separate user codes for everyone to increase security. You can also refer to our installation guide where we have discussed the complete installation process.

  • The D677 Strong Bolt is a strong electronic keypad lock that's ideal for heavy-duty use in high-traffic areas like airports, hospitals, schools, retail establishments, pharmacies, and large office buildings. 

  • The D677 Strong Bolt allows you to create up to 200 user codes and set timed lock/unlock schedules to control who can and cannot enter the building. In terms of a versatile keypad lock that can meet a variety of needs, you can’t get much better than the D677 Strong Bolt when it comes to the best smart door locks online.

What are Fingerprint Door Locks? Fingerprint Door Locks V/s Keypad Door Locks

  • Best fingerprint door locks online are no longer just for spy movies. Locks with biometric reading capability provide some of the most secure authentication available because no one else has your fingerprint.

  •  The A210 Nickel Advance Intelligent Smart Lock is the best fingerprint door lock online that can be used in areas of your business where the highest level of security is required. It is vandal-resistant, which means that your prints cannot be removed from the lock, and its BioNano algorithm is impenetrable, which means that potential hackers cannot connect to (or communicate with) your lock illegally. Best fingerprint door locks, such as the A210 Nickel Advance Intelligent Smart Lock are ideal for securing the most sensitive areas of your business.

  • The D1 Pro removes the tedious process of managing and has emerged as a bestseller at Deltahome website. If you're curious where to buy the best smart door lock online, buy fingerprint door lock (D1 Pro) which is the best yet cheap smart lock online. With scheduling and audit trail, you can set door access at a predetermined time, and report on the lock’s activity. Create group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage codes, and emergency or service codes. Establish door schedules that best serve your opening and closing times, as well as staffing needs.

A Sharp Contrast: Fingerprint Door Locks V/s Keypad Door Locks

Still, confused about buying the best smart door lock in India? 

Should you go with a fingerprint door lock V/s keypad door lock?

  • Deltahome's selection of top smart door locks includes both a keypad door lock system and a fingerprint system in a single lock, so you don't have to compromise on protection and Secure Your Home With Deltahome Smart Locks.

  • Best keypad smart locks feature an integrated backlit 10-digit keypad into which homeowners enter a code to unlock the door. They’re simple, easy to program, and easy to use—as long as you frequently change the code so the keys don’t get worn down, and as long as you choose codes you can remember. All pretence of security is lost if you choose an easy-to-guess code like your birthday, house number, or telephone number. With a secure code, however, keypad locks offer many benefits.

  •  Users can share the code with children and extended family members so there are no keys to keep track of. Top keypad smart locks online can be programmed so that temporary codes can be given to repair professionals, dog walkers, and babysitters, and some locks can limit the window of time that each code works. There’s nothing extra to carry or lose, and as most keypad locks are battery powered, they’ll always work (as long as you change the batteries on schedule).

  • Whereas, fingerprint door locks online are classified as biometric locks. These locks, as the name implies, use biological measurements to validate a person's identity. They can record facial traits, for example, in addition to fingerprints, and use these to grant access.

  • A typical key is replaced by biometrics. This means that smart locks that use fingerprint or facial recognition are more convenient because you don't have to carry a key with you.

  • Decisiveness to buy digital door lock can be the best decision towards home security. They require the presence of the property's owners or they will not unlock.

  • If a lock positively identifies the owner based on his fingerprint, it may require him to input his code, making it even more difficult for unauthorized individuals to get access.

Why Is Smart Lock Termed As Smart?

The magic of digitization can also be used to quickly and easily fix those all-too-common daily issues with the best fingerprint smart door lock

You don't need to have extra keys produced or keep keys hidden under the carpet if you have purchased a smart lock online. Give friends, family, service providers, etc. access by simply providing them with a digital key.

Why Choose Deltahome for the Best Smart Locks Online?

Delta is committed to delivering unmatched security features that put our customer's safety above everything else. We are continuously improving the security features in our products to meet or exceed industry standards. Delta is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, which covers its R&D, APP development, cloud services, and others, of the access controls, lock controls, smart home & commercial property security access solution products.

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