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Is It The Right Time to Invest In A Smart Door Lock? Explore the right answer for you here in this post, we are sharing everything that you may need to take a right decision to enhance your home security.

Over the years, we have always felt the need to keep our homes and the people we love safe. But the methods we use to do it have significantly altered. Geese were used as an alert against invaders as early as 390 B.C., which is when home security systems first appeared.

When video technology became more readily available in the late 1960s, modern home security was created. The industry has altered, developed, expanded, and changed since that time.

By 2023, analysts estimate that the value of the worldwide market for home security systems would exceed $75 billion.

But do you think is it right time to invest in a smart door lock or is it good to buy a smart door lock? The answer is, yes. With the revolution of home security in India, smart locks are a relatively new and evolving technology.

Some rely on fingerprint smart door locks, while others use mobile applications and support for digital assistants for their smart digital locks. Consider the benefits of smart locks, smart door lock’s features and functioning before selecting the finest one for your requirements. Secure your home with Deltahome’s Smart Lock.

Smart Door Lock With Cameras

To further answer the concern, is it the right time to invest in a smart door lock,  although functions like Bluetooth unlocking and smartphone lock control are convenient, adding a camera to a smart door lock with a smart key can increase the security of your home even further.

You now have a smart door lock system with an HD video, thanks to the Deltahome’s WiFi smart door lock with camera. You may check the camera stream on your phone to see who is at the door when someone knocks or presses the doorbell. Smart locks that are integrated with the system also allow you to unlock the door without leaving the current room.

Deltahome’s K1 Pro Smart Lock with camera

  • Whether you're working, walking the dog or busy making memories, delta smart locks lets you see who's at your door and control who can come in or not with a smart app.

  • Liveness detection. Superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed. Identifies you in less than 0.4 second.

  • Know who is outside the door, show the situation with an indoor 4" display with digital door viewer function.

  • Powered by 8AA Batteries for long battery life( 1 year).

  • Innovation intelligent power saving system with high efficiency DC circuit.

  • Your personal information is kept safe and private thanks to AES 256 Security ST chip encryption.

Why to invest in Smart Door Lock?

Before investing in a smart home door lock or best fingerprint door lock, there are several questions which might come to your mind if you are a first time buyer. Is it the right time to invest in a smart door lock, and what is the need of smart door lock? Learn only at Deltahome.

Prevent Lock Outs

There are several pros and cons of using a smart door lock but one of the major ones is it prevents you from getting lock outs. Never again will you be frustrated by not being able to find your keys, and you won't need to call a locksmith for lost keys. Using the phone app or keypad on your smart lock, you can quickly lock and open your door whether you're leaving for a run or returning from work.

Home safety

Are you still trying to find out which one is better in smart lock vs. traditional lock? Smart locks are far more secure for homes than conventional locks. Home safety is the major factor which you can consider while searching is it the right time to invest in a smart door lock.

This is due to the fact that they include features like tamper warnings and automated locking and are significantly more difficult to pick. As a result, if someone attempts to enter your house, you will be alerted right away, and in most circumstances, they will be unable to do it using the lock. Additionally, smart locks provide an additional level of childproofing for outside doors if you have young children.


Smart door locks enhance the ease and security of your house while also adding aesthetic and curb appeal. Traditional keyed locks on contemporary homes appear old and out of place, just ask any realtor.

Smart locks, however, are a great fit for today's aesthetic standards because of their streamlined shapes and cutting-edge functionality. A smart lock is a terrific choice if you're searching for a strategy to increase the perceived value and curb appeal of your house. There are several points which you can consider before buying a smart door lock online in India, refer to our smart door lock buying guide.

Share codes with your guests

There are several other reasons you should buy smart door locks like when you're not home, allowing someone in is simple thanks to best fingerprint door locks. You may provide access codes to visitors and service providers, then revoke them when they go or when the job is finished. In addition to being able to watch when people enter and leave your house, you never have to worry about leaving or recovering keys.

So, these were the several points to consider while you dwell for your concern like is it the right time to invest in a smart door lock.

You can choose from various designs among Delta Home products. You may look into A210 Satin Nickel or A210 Satin Black.  They give your house a futuristic appearance and always go with the door look.

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