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Here in this post we are reviewing the Top 3 Most Selling Smart Door Lock 2022 to help you to choose the best smart door lock for your home.

‘’Front door new lock installed. Second time purchasing Delta Door Lock for my other home. Very helpful and efficient. The team is always happy to help.’’ - A Happy Deltahome customer.

‘’One thing to say about the built quality and fast fingerprint recognition and battery 94% after shown in the app, means very low battery consumption, instant support for installation. Recommended for sure.’’ - Another happy customer.

Deltahome with its enormous selection of smart door locks online! With a vast selection of smart locks online available to make your space smarter and safer, Delta home has been crowned India's best digital locks company.

The smart door locks from Deltahome are easy to use and effective. Its usage is advantageous for doors made of wood and metal. In addition to the traditional keyhole, a broad range of smart locks may also be opened with a fingerprint scanner, RFID card, PIN or password, or even a smartphone app, earning it the title of India's most dependable smart lock company for three years running!

We will be discussing the top 3 most selling smart door locks through the blog below.

Top 3 Most Selling Smart Door Locks 2022, Deltahome:

Do you know? The oldest known locks are roughly 4,000 years old. These were made by Egyptians, and were large wooden bolts to secure doors. Yes, you are hearing it right.

The lock and keys system are this old. But with the fast-changing world, we are becoming smarter and the smart locks are getting smarter too. Smart locks brought a revolution of home security in India. Here are some top 3 selling smart door locks from Deltahome.

K1 Pro Smart Lock

  • With K1 Pro Smart Lock your personal information is kept safe and private thanks to AES 256 Security ST chip encryption.

  • Smart cat's eyes are wide angle, clear day and night. Wide angle. smooth and clear.

  • Whether you're working, walking the dog, or busy making memories, delta smart locks let you see who's at your door and control who can come in or not with the smart app.

  • Liveness detection. Superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed. Identifies you in less than 0.4 seconds.

  • Show the situation with an indoor 4" display with a digital door viewer function.

  • Innovation intelligent power saving system with high-efficiency DC circuit.

  • Beautifully designed with the highest quality materials With Aluminum alloy, Delta Secure smart locks can withstand the harshest weather conditions from wet to freezing temperatures to extreme heat.

Now secure your home with Deltahome smart locks. Buy smart locks at the lowest price!

X1 Pro Smart Lock

  • X1 Pro Smart Lock comes with liveness detection. Superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed. Identifies you in less than 0.4 seconds.
  • Simply create a temporary code for your Airbnb guests on the lock or via a smartphone app. The code will automatically expire.
  • 13.56MHz frequency Smart Technology. Perfect for people like kids and the elderly.
  • Intuitive OLED Display and Voice Guide Use the touchscreen to simply add or delete users on the device. An OLED with intuitive information and voice prompts will walk you through the whole process.
  • Unlike conventional smart or digital locks, there’s no need to be near your Mortise to set up PIN codes for your guests. Thanks to our proprietary software, you can quickly generate access codes on the go.  

Do you want to know some tips to improve your home security?? Learn more at Deltahome.

T190 Smart Lever Lock

  • T190 Smart Lever Locks are more reliable against WiFi hacking and instability because our products work offline. You won’t have to worry about needing an internet connection for your lock to work.
  • Delta Secure smart locks are exquisitely crafted from the best materials and are resistant to even the most extreme weather, including rain, ice, and heat.
  • Lock and unlock your door wherever you are with your smartphone.
  • Get notified whenever someone opens or unlocks your door.
  • Share your Offline or One-time Access code with your guests.

These were the top 3 most selling smart locks from Deltahome. Are you still confused about intent to buy smart locks online? Explore more at India’s most trusted brand Deltahome.


  • How does a smart lock get power?

Smart locks run on battery power. Those batteries are in charge of a number of things, including the wireless chips, LED lights, and most importantly, the motor that locks and unlocks your door.

  • Can you still use a key with a smart lock?

Yes, you can use a physical key from the original deadbolt to lock and unlock your door even when you have a Deltahome Smart Lock installed. The Deltahome Smart Lock retrofits to an existing deadbolt on the interior side of the door.

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