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Smart Locks With Camera, Ultimate Home Automation - If your smart lock come with a camera then it can enhance the security of your home or office to the next level. Having a camera in smart lock detect the person other side of the door.

Ever wondered if your home is so much smarter that it can peek outside with the help of a camera built into your smart door lock?We are making it possible for you because we care for you. Deltahome’s smart door lock with camera is the ultimate home automation in this era. 

Deltahome provides you with the best smart door locks for your home at cheaper rates which you will never regret buying. Deltahome’s smart door lock buying guide helps you to buy smart door locks online at an affordable range.

Smart Locks With Camera | Deltahome

The best home security system is one that combines security cameras and automatic door locks. When you link a home security camera to your smart lock, you can:

  • For expecting visitors, open the door. If you are hosting a gathering and you notice your friends coming over, you can go ahead and allow them in. You may just press the button to unlock your smart door if your husband is lugging bags of groceries while walking home from work. For someone who might have difficulty getting to the door due to age or illness, this function is also quite useful.

  • Follow up on your delivery. You may keep a watch on your delivery with the help of outside security cameras, ensuring their safety.

  • You can watch over children in the front or backyard, and spot trespassers on your property with the help of these security cameras.

Smart door locks with security cameras

Deltahome’s smart locks with cameras are made to seamlessly integrate with the doorbell or outdoor security camera systems. They offer complete security for your home and family when used in tandem.

With Deltahome, you may retain audio and video feeds while providing keyless entry to up to 30 different entry codes. Additionally, you may connect your smart Deltahome devices to your virtual assistant. You can manage your video camera choices and lock and unlock doors with Deltahome’s smart locks using Alexa or Google Assistant.

All of your smart devices, including your smart thermostat, lighting, outlets, alarms, and more, can be easily controlled through the mobile app. Manage your smart locks and lights quickly, even when you're away. Other characteristics of Deltahome smart locks with camera include:

  • Automating your smart lock for emergencies would enable quick entrance in and out of your home in case of fire or smoke detection by your alarm system.

  • Nightlights: Use the backlit keypad option to illuminate your Deltahome smart lock pad when you can't see the buttons in the dark.

  • One-Touch Locking: With the use of one-touch capability, you can quickly lock your house again. Your smart lock will trigger its locking mechanism when you simply tap it.

  • Phone Notifications: Assign each member of your family a unique code to enter the house, and you'll get alerts whenever someone comes and goes.

  • Quick-Arm Security: Whether you are at home or away, you can instantly lock your door, turn on inside lights, and arm your alarm if you have a Deltahome home security system or a compatible smart security device.

  • Deltahome’s smart locks with cameras are built with a proprietary technology called Bump Guard to guard against the method known as "lock bumping," which may be used to bypass conventional locks.

Deltahome’s K1 Pro with Camera:

  • K1 Pro Smart Lock with camera has AES 256 Security ST chip encryption that protects and maintains the privacy of your personal information.

  • The Second Generation smart cat's eye is wide angle, clear day and night.

  • Deltahome’s smart lock with camera provides you with advanced security. Whether you're working, walking the dog, or busy making memories, delta best smart locks online let you see who's at your door and control who can come in or not with the smart app.

  • 3D Capacitive Fingerprint Identification (FPS)- Liveness detection. Superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed. Identifies you in less than 0.4 seconds. Learn more about how does a fingerprint door lock work.

  • Know who is outside the door - show the situation with an indoor 4" display with a digital door viewer function.

  • Powered by 8AA Batteries for long battery life( 1 year) - Innovation intelligent power-saving system with high-efficiency DC circuit. Deltahome also provides you with answers to your questions like what to do if your keyless lock battery dies.

  • Beautifully designed with the highest quality materials With Aluminum alloy, Delta Secure smart locks can withstand the harshest weather conditions from wet to freezing temperatures to extreme heat.

  • Lock and unlock your door wherever you are with your smartphone.

  • Control your smart product with a single app.

  • Now unlock your Door with your voice assist app.

  • Get notified and check whenever and when someone opens or unlocks your door.

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-book now the most stylish and elegant K1 pro smart door lock with camera for your smart home today.

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