Smart Door Lock Buying Guide | Points To Consider Before Buying

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Are you planning to buy a smart lock? Well, here we are sharing the points that you should keep in your mind while buying smart lock for your home.

The market of  smart door locks is facing the upper graph each day. The reason is numerous break-ins in a week. It has also been observed that people are buying smart door locks without a proper smart door lock buying guide. Smart Lock is the smart move that everyone takes because no one likes to play with deadbolts today.

Smartphone accessibility is one of the best features of smart door locks. But again, the Smart Door Lock Buying Guide is the best way to bring out the best from your smart door lock investment.

Before diving into the smart door lock, and buying a guide, let’s take a grip on the benefits of smart door lock or why to buy smart door lock.

Brief: What Are The Points To Consider Before Buying?

No one is willing to take a chance with burglaries. A smart door lock is an extra function that allows the door to lock and unlock automatically. Among the reasons why the market for smart door locks reached the top segment:

  • Security Assurance
  • Online Connectivity 
  • High Customization Availability
  • Different ways to secure

Check out the benefits of having a smart door lock in your home. After getting the urge to have a smart lock, do not forget to go through the smart door lock buying guide.

Smart Door Lock Buying Guide

Before choosing the best smart lock for the door, read along the below smart door lock buying guides:

A-B-C- Ratings: BHMA, or Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, give a rating to the smart lock based on stability, power, and longevity. Check the product rating before placing the order for smart door locks.

Command Support: Ever thought of controlling your smart door lock without your cell phone?

A bad day can occur if you forget your phone in your quarter, or if you lose it. In this situation, you cannot afford to replace the entire smart lock.

The smart door lock buying guide recommends four-way access features that should be there in your smart door lock or we can call it the features of smart lock:

  • Password
  • RF Card
  • Biometrics
  • Cylinder keys

Look for the locks with Amazon Alexa Key voice, amazon key, and ring alarm.

Hacking: You must be wondering whether can smart door  locks be hacked

Smart door locks can be hacked. Hacking can be there whether you choose a fingerprint door lock or an electronic door lock.

Only a Quality Company like Deltahome with good data safety integration can stop this. Buy smart door locks from Deltahome. We have a reliable team to update you on the new firmware. New firmware updates will fix the source code flaw.

Hand-Free Unlocking: Your smart door lock should have geofencing activation. With this activation, the smart lock will detect when your phone leaves your area and locks the door automatically.

There can be a scenario when you have luggage or bags in both hands. In such a scenario, hand-free unlocking is the best way to enter your home.

Battery: Look for the smart door lock with subtle battery performance. There can be a scenario where you forget to check the battery of the smart door lock.

In such a case, your smartphone should get the prompt of the battery. Also, do check the interface of the smart door lock. The lock should have some display of the battery.

Access Customization: With different lock codes, more security can pertain. Various directives can be applied to the codes chosen. Access customization refers to giving different access codes to different users.

This facility will allow you to track who is entering your home. Smart door lock buying guide finds this important as you need to know who enters your quarter when you are away.

Alarms: A tiring evening where you returned from your workplace and went straight to bed without locking the door.

There are 99% chances of a break-in in this situation.

If your smart door lock offers additional security alerts, such as a buzz alarm, you have selected the ideal option. When the alarm goes off because of an intruder, certain models will immediately switch into a more sensitive operating mode on their own.

Look for the smart door lock that provides you with an alarm buzz of 10-15 seconds.

The Takeaway

As was said earlier, smart door locks are not only an electronic means of ensuring your protection but are also quite astute. There is an unending list of benefits that come with installing smart door locks, and they will complement the functions of a smartphone. There are over a hundred different intelligent door locks or the type of smart door locks.

You need to be knowledgeable about it in order to select the option that is superior to the others. Your order can be placed with Delta Home without any hesitation if you use a buying guide equipped with a smart door lock.

If you still have doubts or second thoughts, feel free to contact the dedicated team

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