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In a world where technology evolves at the speed of light, there's a company committed to making your life simpler, safer, and more efficient. Welcome to Delta, the pioneers of smart home innovation. Our story begins with a vision - a vision to create homes that respond to your needs, anticipate your desires, and enrich your life in ways you never imagined.

In the vibrant heart of innovation, where technology knows no bounds, Delta emerges as the harbinger of a smarter, more secure world. Originating from the dynamic landscape of Singapore.

About Delta home

About Delta

The Delta Promise

At Delta, we believe that technology should serve a purpose, and that purpose should enhance your everyday life. We're not just about gadgets; we're about creating seamless, intelligent, and thoughtful living spaces. Our promise to you is a smart home experience that puts you at the centre, giving you more control and peace of mind.


Innovation at the

Core , Advanced Security, Always

Innovation is the heartbeat of Delta. We're constantly pushing boundaries, reimagining what's possible, and delivering products that blend seamlessly with your home. From intelligent Locking systems to security solutions that never sleep, At Delta, we are not just about technology; we are about the most advanced, secure technology. Security is at the core of our identity, we are committed to delivering solutions that provide peace of mind without compromise.

Quality control

Quality is strictly controlled by our QC Department. After testing many times, the quality is guaranteed.Our strict control over the quality link has enabled us to obtain a number of quality testing certificates.

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High & Low Temp Testing
Product Life Test

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