Warranty & Installations

The warranty period is for 3 year, and covers all products purchased from the Delta intelligent systems.

The warranty period commences from the date of purchase or receipt of goods, whichever is later. Customer can register their complaint or any call with the toll free no. Any communication can also be raised for warranty claims at support@deltahome.in

Warranty is only eligible with the following documents

  • Original invoice,
  • Proof of defect. Warranty will not be claimable should any of the above not be furnished.

If the product requires repair or replacement in part or in full, Delta reserves the right to replace or exchange the part or unit with an equivalent part or unit that is new.

Installation and Costs of service

Delta provides free of cost installation and demonstration to the customers for the smart door locks only. Customer need to register their preferred time and date for installation with our customer care toll free no.

Please note the following terms and conditions for installation and services.

  • The Delta Service team will do the installations in all serviced location in 7 business days of delivery of the product. The installation will happen only on weekday (Monday – Saturday) between 10AM-6PM.
  • Only First visit will be free* where both installation and demonstration of the product would be given.
  • If Installation & Demo is not completed by any reason beyond control of delta (Door polishing/Customer not available on site for demo) the next visit will be done on chargeable basis of INR 600 Plus applicable GST.
  • We provide emergency/urgent installation services. There will be additional INR 1000 which will apply on top of installation fee (if applicable) within 24 hours, however visit would be scheduled basis availability of Installer.
  • If the installation fails due to the on-site environmental factors or change of lock model, there will be revisit charges of INR 1000, which will be applicable.
  • Battery Leakage Disclaimer : Limited Coverage: Damages resulting from battery leakage, including but not limited to, corrosion, electronic component damage, and device malfunction, are not covered under warranty. Timely Replacement: Replace batteries promptly upon expiration or signs of leakage to prevent consequential damages. Exclusion Clause: The warranty does not extend to any losses or damages incurred due to the leakage of batteries, whether installed correctly or incorrectly. User Responsibility: Users are responsible for adhering to manufacturer guidelines and maintaining a safe battery environment. By using the product, you acknowledge and accept these terms regarding battery leakage, understanding the importance of responsible battery management for the longevity of your device. Lithium-Ion Battery Warranty: This warranty covers the lithium-ion battery included with the Model 3D face id Models(z1 pro)(M1 pro) for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Damages resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized modifications, or any causes other than defects in materials and workmanship are not cover.