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Check out the Pros and Cons of Using A Smart Door Lock. Here we are talking about all the pros and cons of smart locks that you may experience with Smart Door Locks.

“My interest was piqued when I first heard about smart locks, and I have to admit that it still is. I was interested in many of the advantages of the smart door lock, so I decided to purchase one for the entrance to my home. What I came to realize is that there are many things about owning and utilizing one that people don't tell you about” - A happy Deltahome client.

What are the pros and cons of using smart door locks? Also, what are the researched benefits of smart locks? Why buy fingerprint smart door locks?

It appears that in the future, technological advances will replace mechanical ones. Standard locks are included; they will eventually be replaced by electronic ones. You can put a glance at Deltahome study - Smart Locks V/s Traditional Locks to ensure how smart locks are the right choice for you!

There are a lot of upsides to technology. It makes our lives easier and more convenient, but we should keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold as there are potential advantages and disadvantages of smart locks.

We are still dealing with an electronic device, which, like any other system, is vulnerable to tampering and malfunctions which may count for disadvantage of smart locks systems.

One report estimates the market value of smart locks to reach $24 billion by 2024, with residential use driving the majority of this growth.

That means more and more smart locks for homes, each with their own set of advantages. To what extent, though, should you invest in a smart lock as opposed to passing up on this innovation altogether?

President of the National Crime Prevention Association Joel Dhein says it depends.

Having a working dead bolt is more important than knowing how to operate it for the purposes of keeping unwanted visitors out.

Whether you should change your locks depends entirely on your individual circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Using A Smart Door Lock

Let's examine the pros and cons of  smart locks more closely!

  • Quoting some Advantages of Smart Locks:
  • Access Without Struggle
  • You won't have to rummage around for your keys or wiggle the key in the lock in order to get it to open if you have a smart lock.

    You can get access to the Best Smart Lock At Deltahome which comes with an advanced capacitive fingerprint identification system.


  • Convenience
  • In the event that you will be absent from your home for an extended period of time and will have visitors or a house sitter check in while you are away, you have the ability to program unique access codes and a time limit for each code.

    You can buy a smart lock online which comes with liveness detection, superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed and identifies you in less than 0.4 second.

    Additionally, if you are concerned that someone who previously owned the property and has a key may attempt to enter your home, you can simply change the code to avoid the hassle and additional expense of replacing the lock.

  • Calm and Composure
  • You are able to track who has come in and out of the building, which is another advantage of Fingerprint Door Lock. This means that you will know if and when, for example, your child has arrived home.

  • Protection Against Lock Picking (lock picking) 
  • Lock picking and lock bumping are two methods that thieves can use to attempt to open traditional locks without the original key.

    Traditional locks can be vulnerable to both of these methods. There are some smart locks that do not have a key slot, which eliminates the possibility of this kind of break-in occurring.

  • Integration Into the Remaining Spaces of Your Home
  • If you have other smart home devices, you may be able to interconnect them so that, for example, your smart lights turn on when you unlock the door.

    This would be possible if you have other smart home devices. Explore additional benefits of smart door locks with the Delathome guide available to you.


    • Quoting some disadvantages of smart locks-
    • Dependence On Telephones And Computer Networks

    The communication between your phone and a smart lock is typically accomplished through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    If you do not have a backup strategy, you run the risk of being unable to access your account in the event that your phone is taken, lost, or dies (like logging in to your account on another device) which makes you wonder ‘Are smart door locks safe’?

    You also wouldn't be able to use features (like remote unlocking) that are dependent on a Wi-Fi connection if there was a power outage and the Wi-Fi was turned off.

  • Possibility of Being Hacked
  • Even though some smart locks eliminate the risk of locks being picked, these locks may still be vulnerable to attempts by hackers to circumvent the entry code that is required to open the door.

    On the bright side, the system may be able to alert both you and the authorities in the event that an unauthorized user attempts to access the system which balances out the pros and cons of smart door locks.

  • Batteries 
  • In contrast to traditional locks, modern locks are battery-operated systems, and it is possible for the batteries to run out. It is imperative that you pay attention and replace the battery and outweigh one of the main disadvantages of smart locks.

  • Cost 
  • Smart locks can be significantly more expensive than traditional lock-and-key systems, and you may need the assistance of a trained professional to have the lock installed and synchronised with your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

    Are The Benefits Sufficient To Outweigh The Drawbacks Of Smart Locks?

    That is up to you to decide. It doesn't matter how you choose to lock and unlock your door, just keep in mind that you can buy the best smart locks online at Deltahome with a wide variety of products ranging from Deadbolt D677 - The key to greater peace of mind to D1 Pro - Advance intelligent smart lock.

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