How to Install Smart Door Lock | Complete Process

How to Install Smart Door Lock | Complete Process

How to Install Smart Door Lock? Here we are sharing the complete guide on how you can install a smart door lock at your home.

How to Install Smart Door Lock - Thinking about the installation process of smart lock or How to Install Smart Door Lock? Let’s have a look at the complete process below.

  • Smart locks are the way of the future. Digital door locks may be opened via passcodes, voice commands, or your phone's GPS. That means you'll never again be locked out of your house (well, maybe not never; more on that later).
  • One of the disadvantages of smart locks is the installation process. People often wonder ‘how to install a smart door lock’. You could hire an expert from Deltahome, but if you prefer to do things yourself, keep reading.

How to Install Smart Door Lock On Your Door

Deltahome guarantees to vanish away your google search query to ‘How to Install Smart Door Lock On Your Door’. Let's explore!

DIY vs. Deltahome Professional

What You'll Need: Deltahome Specifications

  • Before purchasing a smart door lock, determine the needs, which may include tools, a certain type of fingerprint door lock, or a home security system. For example, you may require a deadbolt, specifically a single-cylinder deadbolt with an interior outlet, or a cylinder door lock.
  • If you consider the Delta Locks, you must purchase the XI Pro or D1 Pro. If you currently have a home security system, purchase a lock that is compatible with it so that your system will arm when the doors lock and vice versa.

Installation Instructions

The exact instructions for ‘How to Install Smart Door Lock’ will vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but they should look something like this, according to Top Smart Door Locks manufacturer Deltahome:
  1. Prepare your current deadbolt.
  2. Remove your old thumb latch.
  3. Get your mounting plate ready.
  4. Connect your mounting plate.
  5. Connect your adapter.
  6. Release the wing latches.
  7. Install your new and best smart lock.
  8. Take off the faceplate.
  9. Take out the battery tab.
  10. Replace the faceplate, and so on.
  • After you've finished inserting the batteries and the process of ‘How to Install Smart Door Lock’, test the locking mechanism to ensure it functions properly. Add a doorbell camera to see what's going on at home. For example, the Deltahome Cam allows you to see through the peephole (the hole in the door) on your phone.

App Installation

After you've installed the physical lock, it's time to turn it smart by configuring the app. Here's how to pair the Deltahome Wi-Fi Smart Lock with smart app:

Tip: You can unlock a smart lock without the Internet as well. Read here.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Make an account.
  3. Insert the lock.
  4. Name the lock after its location, such as front door, back door, and so on.
  5. Connect your Wi-Fi network to the lock.
  6. Configure smart home integrations.

Smart Lock Capabilities Or Additional Features Of Smart Locks

  • Remote control: Of course, you should be able to control your smart lock from anywhere with an internet connection which counts as a major benefit of smart locks.
  • Schedules: If you arrive home at the same time every day, why not leave your door unlocked? This is also a useful feature for children who are alone after school for a few hours. Smart door locks are quite safe.
  • Integrations with smart platforms: If you already have a smart home, look for a smart lock that works with your voice assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Your smart lock should be able to communicate with your existing IoT devices, allowing for convenient home automation.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing means that the smart lock changes based on the GPS location of your phone. Your smart lock will unlock when you get close to home, and vice versa. However, geofencing can cause security issues, such as passing by your house but not entering. It's also not ideal for apartment dwellers because your door may unlock the moment you step into the downstairs lobby. Determine whether the convenience of geofencing outweighs the potential security risks. 
  • Guest access: You can give temporary passcodes to guests to let them in when you're not home; this is ideal for housekeepers, delivery workers, and home service technicians which provides you an additional reason to buy a smart lock.
  • Event log: The app for your smart lock will track its activity throughout the day, allowing you to see when your door was opened and closed.
  • Auto-lock: Some smart locks automatically lock your doors when you leave the house, so you never have to wonder if you left your door open which outweighs the cons of using a smart door lock.


  • Can I install a smart lock by myself?

You can install a smart lock yourself; most of them do not require professional installation. However, the process is relatively difficult which requires Deltahome expert intervention and may require tools.

  • How to install smart door locks?

You install smart locks by removing the existing deadbolt and thumb latch, attaching the mounting plate and adapter, and then attaching the smart lock, etc.

  • Is it easy to install a smart lock?

It requires a lot of effort. Therefore, book a live demo with Detahome for easy installation.

Concluding Tips!

How to improve your home security? Get Delta Homes wi-fi-friendly smart door locks. Some of the Benefits of smart door lock to enlighten the users on why to have:

  • Smartphone friendly
  • High Security
  • Live Tracking
  • Auto Locking

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