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Here we are sharing the Tips To Improve Your Home Security, and to make it even more secure. Learn these security tips with Delta Home.

38% of Americans own home security products. 6.8% use smart door locks and believe they are the best for home security. Considering the seriousness of home security today, there are tips to improve your home security.

Delta Home comes with a range of products to improve your home security. Increasing home break-ins raised the demand for these home security products. Through this, we will impart tips to improve your home security. We will also enlighten you on some features of a smart lock.

Tips To Improve Home Security

  1. Front Door Security:Front door is the common way for burglars to enter a property. The front door of your premise needs high security. Smart lock for home allows the smart unlocking feature. There are other ways to secure your front door security. A few of them include:
  • Keep it locked every time.
  • Instead of using deadbolts, use fingerprint smart door locks.
  • While moving into the new house, change the locks.
  • Keep your mail slot on the front door less accessible to the lock. This will prevent the burglars from reaching the inside lock.
  • Attach a CCTV camera to the front door lock.
  1. Glass Sliding Garden Door: 1 out of 4 break-ins occur from the garden door. Many homes have sliding doors in their garden.

We tend to forget that door, which could lead to a break-in. Place an alarm or break detector at the glass of the sliding door. A high-pitched glass-breaking sound will keep you alert.

  1. Interior Locks:From internal doors, we refer to doors from the garage to the home. A garage door is the weak spot and allows for easy entrance. If all the internal doors are smartly locked, the job for the day is done.

Installing a CCTV camera in your garage with the alert button is also a preferable thing to do. To keep it more secure, a smart door lock at the garage shutter can be an option.

  1. Security Cameras:The cameras installed allow you to see the footage of break-ins. This may not prevent the robber from entering your premises but may help for future inconveniences. Quick actions can be taken if you are active on the camera through your cell phone.

You can keep track of your home even when you are away for any leisure trip or business meetings. The best area to install the camera includes- the front yard, backyard, garage entrance, and back or side doors.

  1. Security System:Security systems are mainly pre-installed in smart door locks. This is one of the best features of the smart lock. The security system includes glass break alarms, door and window sensors, motion detectors, timers, and door stop alarms.

Delta Home Smart Door lock

There are pros and cons of using a smart door lock, but it is the highest security one can provide to their front door locks. There are reasons you should buy a smart lock, and below we are unleashing the reasons you should buy a smart lock

  1. Connectivity Flexibility:Can we unlock a smart lock without the internet?

With Delta Home products, users can unlock the door and benefit from flexible connectivity.

  1. Multiple Access:You can give multiple access to the people you want to let in. the access code shared will be cross-checked with the system.
  2. Key-Less: Smart door lock allowed us to move out and move in without keeping track of keys. Users of smart door locks can travel hassle-free because the fingerprint door lock will read biometrics and not just the keys.
  3. Alerts:A system will be installed on your smartphone that will give alerts whenever someone unauthorized wants to enter the premise.
  4. Stylish: The smart door lock is designed according to your doors. Delta Homes have products that will go with your door color and complement it. You can check out the products of Delta Homes on their website.

To book a demo or know more about the fingerprint smart door lock, reach out to the dedicated team.

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